corn furnace
forced air corn furnace
Furnace Add-On

Designed to heat larger homes or shop areas, the AO120 provides 35,000 to 100,000 BTUs of heat which and is easily connected to your current duct system.

The AO120’s large dual augers prevent jamming and deliver a precise amount of grain to the firebox, spreading the fire wider and more evenly than single auger units.

With five heat settings, large diameter air flow system and powerful blower, the AO120 delivers the right amount of heat where it’s needed faster than most furnaces.

The innovative ash dump system means fewer shut downs for cleaning making the AO120 easy to operate and maintain.

Going green never felt so warm.

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Fuel: Shelled corn, pellets, biomass

Width: 19.25”
Depth: 57”
Cabinet Height: 35”
With Hopper Extension: 50"

BTU Range Input:
Low: 35,000
High: 100,000

Minimum Clearances:
Side of unit to wall: 19”
Back of unit to wall: 16”

Room Blower:
Low Speed: 1045 CFM
High Speed: 1250 CFM

Flue Size: 4”

Weight: 430lbs.