Biomass Heating:
Biomass Heating Systems are capable of burning virtually any organic based fuel that is or can be sized to fit the delivery system. The most popular fuels include corn, beans, treated wood pellets and cherry pits.

In addition to the cost savings that can be achieved from cheap, available fuel sources, the primary advantage of Biomass systems derives from their ability to automatically stoke themselves over periods of time. Fuel is retained in a bin adjoining the unit and is fed to the combustion chamber by means of an auger system. A typical indoor system will burn for eight hours on a load of two bushels of corn and pellets (120 lbs.)

To accommodate a variety of customer needs, Royall offers both indoor and outdoor systems.

If you've been considering a Biomass system, you owe it to yourself to investigate our comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor units. You'll find the same "Royall Advantages" that have made our conventional stoves the standard of the industry for years. We're sure that when you compare features, choices, and quality, you'll want the only Biomass system that deserves to wear the Royall name!