The all new CH 150 Great Lakes Corn Furnace offered through AMERICAN ROYALL gives you all the heat you need and the convience of total mobility.With 150,000 btu to 40,000 btu adjustability makes it simple to heat your shop or work site. This unit can be used to heat greenhouses, wharehouses, farm buildings,construction sites or shops. With the mobility of this unit it can easly be moved from place to place. This great lakes corn furnace has been WARNOCK HERSEY tested for saftey as well. Your Great Lakes corn stove has been painted with powder coat paint to ensure long and rust free look. Remember when you burn corn in your Great Lakes corn stove
The twin auger system allows for an even corn distribution in the Great Lakes corn stove. The catch on top of the burn chamber spreads the corn in the burn chamber for a even burn. A large fire pot in the Great Lakes corn furnace is one of the largest in the industry this allows the 150,000 btu power that can be delivered from 1 single unit. The top catcher is removed with no effort so cleanup can be done in a snap.
This is a rear photo so you can see the large 4 inch exhaust. We use flex duct for ease of installation. You can also see the air intake with adjustable damper so you can adjust for a clean burn. Choose great lakes corn furnace as your solution in portable heating.
One on the unique features of the Great Lakes corn furnace is the replacable heat exchanger unit. there are 33 seprate heat exchanger tubes the entire unit can be replaced with just a few screws. Heat exchangers can wear out on all stoves over time. With our Great lakes corn stove you will never need to get a new furnace as all parts are replacable.
Just another look at the Great Lakes portable corn furnace.