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INCLUDES THE GOLD DOOR Efficient heating. A 32,000 BTU maximum output, a high-efficiency heat exchanger (capable of heating up to 1500 sq.ft.), and a generous hopper that holds 40 lbs.* of pellets makes the Essex one of the most electrically efficient pellet stoves ever designed. Extremely clean burning, it gives you more for every heating dollar. Plus, the Essex has one of the industry’s lowest emission ratings.

Battery backup. The Essex Pellet Stove reflects years of marketing research and development, bringing you state-of-the-art technology. Unlike most pellet stoves which rely on 110v AC current, the Essex Pellet Stove incorporates an advanced electronic design that allows our stoves to run on a 12v backup battery, which is kept fully charged by an automatic built-in trickle charger.

Convenience. Simply fill the hopper, set the controls, and push the button. Within minutes, you and your family will be warm and cozy. You can still have the warmth and comfort of a natural wood fire and know all the while that you’re being environmentally responsible. GOLD DOOR  INCLUDED