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Efficient heating. Don't be mislead by the Avent's design. This unit packs a serious heating punch delivering as much as 30,000 btu's. The high-efficiency stainless steel heat exchangers delivers more heat to your home and less out the exhaust. A generous 20 pound hopper gives you hours of affordable heat.

The Avent puts it all together to give you what you want, a cleaner environment and more money in your pocket.

Battery backup. The Avent Pellet Stove reflects years of marketing research and development, bringing you state-of-the-art technology. Unlike most pellet stoves which rely on 110v AC current, the Avent Pellet Stove incorporates an advanced electronic design that allows our stoves to run on a 12v backup battery, which is kept fully charged by an automatic built-in trickle charger.

Convenience. Simply fill the hopper, set the controls, light the fire and within minutes you and your family will feel warm and cozy while enjoying family time around a pleasant romantic fire. Cleaning and maintaining your Avent pellet stove is a breeze leaving more time to enjoy what you want to do.  ADD $200.00 FOR GOOLD TRIM DOOR